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Dry raggler®

Dry Raggler

Developed for and with the printing industry, this outstanding easy to use air operated wringer will allow you to extract all "free liquid " from industrial wipers prior to have them ship for cleaning. Shipping of dirty wipers without "free liquid" will allow you to meet transportation and environmental regulations and avoid possible heavy fines related to hazardous liquid spills.

Evaporator 250

Evaporator 2500

This evaporator has been designed to evaporate wash water paint. Model 250 has a capacity of 210 liters and an evaporation rate of 10 liters / hour. Unlike all other evaporators on the market where cleaning of the unit is very difficult, this unit has a disposable liner bag that hold all residual for easy disposal at the end of the evaporation cycle. Cleaning is almost inexistant.

Depending on the quantity, the sludge at the end could be fairly hard and dispose in the trash container if not hazardous material.

Model 500 ( 420 liters ) and model 1000 ( 840 liters) are also available.

Gunwasher # 1526

Gunwasher #1526

Ideal to clean paint spraying equipment such as guns, pots, nozzles...etc. Manually operated for professional results. Simple and safe to operate, virtually maintenance free. The prefer choice of professional painters.

Model 175 XPM

175 XPM

With side tank to catch distilled solvent from atmospheric or vacuum distillation.

Model 550 with 2 condensers


This 550 model equip with 2 condensers will distill product such acetone, m.e.k. and many other high volatile products at a rate of approximatively 50-55 liters / hour. The elevated position of the condensers, will allow to discharge in a large container such as tote tank.

Model 550 XPM double


This system can distill up to 1200** liters / day, products with high v.o.c. such as acetone, m.e.k....etc.

Model 550 XPM-VC-AF-AD-FC


This 210 liters unit operate under vacuum (vc) at a distillation rate of approximatively 30-60 liters/hour (8-16 US Gallon)*. It auto-fill (af) the dirty liquid and auto-discharge (ad) the receiving tank of the distilled liquid automatically. This unit can be mount with a fast cooling system (fc) if needed. Daily distilled volume can reach 600 liters (165 US Gallon) / day*

*Depending of the product and the % of residue.

Stainless steel liner tank in option

Stainless Steel Tank Liner

Optional Stainless Steel Tank

Tub wringer for car washes

Tub Wringer

Tub wringer for car washes, garages...etc ideal for chamy, rags...etc. Made in stainless steel for years of trouble free service.

Floor wringer for car washes

Floor Wringer

Floor wringer for car washes, garages...etc ideal for chamy, rags...etc. Made in stainless steel for years of trouble free service.